Take it outside

Many-a-times you might need the information from your calendar to appear outside your CMS system. CMS calendar allows you to save, print, share or embed your calendar into other websites or apps.

Print or Export

There is a print icon next to the day, week, month tabs and it allows you to either print your current view or export it as PDF.

Public or Private
If you have chosen your calendar to be public, you can embed it into another website, blog or application. On your calendar name, if you right click you will find an option for calendar settings, you can change the settings to be private or public from this section.
Multiple Embedding Formats

If your settings are public, you will need to scroll down the page that appears. On this page, you can copy the code from the section embed this calendar to publish the information outside the CMS system. You have the option to select different formats (XML, iCal, or HTML) to obtain the address of your calendar for the selected format so that you can provide calendar access to other software. Embedded calendar will be a read-only version of the current view you wish to share on other applications.

HIPAA Compliance

If you're interested in making sure that you calendar is HIPAA compliant, it needs to be hosted on a HIPAA server (which is any server that meets HIPAA regulations). Therefore, in order to find a server like this, you need to have a list of HIPAA comliant web hosting companies. For more information about this, check out Web Hosting Professor's article on HIPAA.

Offline or Read-Only Mode

If you need an offline mode or ability to view the calendar without logging into the system, selecting the button from the private address section, you will get the URL for a read-only version of your calendar.