Component Component

A Content Component is a chunk of content.

A content component may also contain a dynamic and interactive element that implements a Web Application.

For example, a login form may be implemented in a Content Block. And navigation elements are interactive content.

"Components are the basic units of content management. Elements are the basic units of components."
Bob Boiko, CM Bible, p. 593.

The term component has a long history outside of content management that influences its use in CM. In DCOM and CORBA, the distributed component is an object with code and data capable of providing a remote service by executing internal methods or procedures.

In the Page Generation? phase, a Content Management System dynamically assembles chunks of content into a full web page by executing server-side procedures for each chunk, which they often refer to as content components or objects.

Object Oriented Programming and Design also uses the term component to describe an object.

Major Enterprise Content Management system providers sell their systems as a collection of independently purchasable modules or components.

Bill Trippe coined the term Component Content Management and wrote a white paper on the CCMS.

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