Customized View

You can customize your personal calendar, or select from the readily available views.

Agenda view

Once you have logged into CMS Calendar, you can instantly switch between day, week, month, and other views by clicking the tabs at the top of the calendar. The Agenda view intelligently displays your meetings, assignments in chronological form, starting with the current date, without cluttering the screen with day, week, or month view.

Custom view

The tab marked ‘Next 2- 4’ may seem irrational, but it’s the best feature. You can customize the tab to display your selected time period, from two days to four weeks. Click Settings under your name in the right corner of the screen, and then select custom view. All you need to do is pick an option from the drop-down list and click Save.

Quick selection

An excellent way to display a relevant period is to click and swipe over the mini-calendar on the left. Select just the days you want; the main display indicates your selection.

Hotkey navigation

CMS calendar comes with an easy option of using the keyboard, to easily navigate within your calendar. You can click d, w, m, x, or a to move to jump to the day, week, month, custom, or agenda views, respectively.

Press n for next, p for previous to go forward or backward respectively, you can use j and k keys as well. Click t to jump to today’s date.