Multiple Calendars

You may need different calendars for different purposes–work life or personal or social life. To support such divisions you can click add mini-calendar. Having multiple calendars lets you build custom privacy, sharing, and other settings for each one of the mini-calendars.

You can choose to give the text of each of your calendars a custom color, or you can use the pop-up menu to the right of the calendar name, or you can use the checkbox to the left of the name to show or hide events on that calendar. This color-coding helps all of the entries for a given calendar easy to identify at a glimpse.

When you have multiple calendars, the CMS Calendar adds a drop-down list to the New Event popup section so you can define which calendar should display the new event. If you use Quick Add to create an item, the program will add your event to your uppermost or main calendar.

If you need to shift an event from one calendar to another, click the event and then click edit event details. Then select another calendar from the calendar drop-down menu, and click save.

You can make your calendar automatically display holidays, television shows, sports events, or other items of particular interest to you. Just click add above your calendar list, and select -Add a public calendar. In the ‘Add a Public Calendar’ tab, select a category on the left, and then click add to Calendar for each calendar you desire to add. You have countless options to choose from, varying from schedules for your favorite sports teams to campaign stops for political candidates to concert tour dates.

But then you realize that there are certain things you don't wish to display publicly. Select to hide or delete any calendar from your list by clicking on settings and selecting the calendar tab. Then you can click hide or click the trash icon that you wish to suppress or remove, respectively.