Events and Invitations

When the world moved to paperless invitations, people started using Evite to send invitations. With the latest tools built within websites to send out invites, people don't follow the traditional patterns for sending e-invites.

You can use your calendar for inviting people to an event, simply by typing their email address into the guest box on the event details tab. Click save and CMS calendar will send them the invitation.

If the recipient also used the CMS calendar, the event will appear in their calendar (as well as in their email inbox). The invitee has the option to click the event and decide Yes, No, Maybe, or Delete directly in the calendar. They can also use the add a comment feature under Discuss this event to leave comments for the group to read.

desktop calendar

You can choose to receive notifications about invitations and replies by clicking on the notifications tab from the pop-up menu. You can select to receive the notifications via SMS or email. This selection is for your personal notifications, your guests need to set preferences in their calendar settings.

We also have a feature which sends Calendar notifications to your desktop and allows you to snooze reminders with a single click. This Windows-only utility makes handling notifications in the CMS calendar far more convenient.

By default, only you can see events on your calendar. But you want you can make the entire calendars or just individual events public.

To change the default setting, click settings and click the calendars tab. Click the link under sharing to select the relevant calendar. Then use the checkboxes to instruct CMS Calendar whether to share everything or just the selected event. To share with specific people, leave those checkboxes empty and use the checks below to add the names of the selected few and then click Save.